The Unknown

They look at how peaceful she is and envy her quietness but deep down a raging anger is calmed by the power of her silence..

They fall in love with her smile and think how positive she is but her tears are hidden within her soul tearing her happiness apart…

They hear her laughter all the time thinking how crazy she is but the loud laugh is to cover over her arguing mind voices..

They see how excited she is with an overwhelming energy but this she uses to scare her fear away..

They know of her lovable heart that has known to accept everyone and everything but her heart is full of stitches still at the edge of breaking apart…

What they don’t know is now known to her..

and the moment she knew the unknown..she knew herself!

Mina Mookan



It’s the moment when the eyelid waits eagerly for many minutes to meet its other half in a magical blink!
It’s the time the heart awaits to rest in silence between two beats!

It’s when the trees sway crazily with the strong wind’s blow while keeping its root firm to the ground; ready to stand still when the wind is gone!

So don’t stay awake all night to see the sunrise. But sleep deeply till you welcome the morning arrival as the darkness vanishes away!

Remember that the sun waited all night and the moon waited all morning for that remarkable meeting!

Patience is when you travel within time; and with time prepare yourself…for the right time!

Mina Mookan

Time to live

A day holds a gift of opportunities for you to open; the unoppened ones will not stay for the next day. What is gone is gone..
A year holds a million gift of opportunities; were you grateful enough to open at least a hundred of them? Because what is gone is gone..

Remember that each gift is a life point for you to live the day and year. So simply you were lifeless at times!

Now that a new day, a new year is coming your way, promise yourself to unwrap all of them. You may not win at all times but you will sure lose many chances down the drain if you didn’t.

Enough of counting days and running past them; have the guts to live every passer-by because now is the time for you to live!

Mina Mookan