At First Sight

Evening was getting over, and I was wandering down the road. Trees began to chase me with their shadows. Fearfully, I increased my steps rushing the moments of being with my own company.

Slowly, a pale ray crosses my eyes and I reluctantly look up following the trace of the mysterious guest.

On spur of moment, the entire place was brightened and everything surrounding me was shining!

My eyes couldn’t resist to investigate the owner with curiosity. And there it is! Floating in the midst of nowhere. As far as it is, I can still see it clearly.

Round, smooth and full of light! Unlike the way they describe it having uneven surface and rough edges.

However for me it looked perfect.

So calm and quiet. Like a still painting; one could look at speechlessly for hours.

My heart melted as I kept on staring at the night visitor.

Even though I didn’t hear anything, I can sense the feel of vibrations reaching to conquer me completely.

Suddenly I felt it moving away hinting me that time has come for us to part.

Despite the night which came to an end, it couldn’t stop the endless radiance that defeated every corner of  darkness.

It moved slowly across the sky collapsing into the clouds. Reappearing again naughtily,  I then realized that it was love… at first sight! 

Mina Mookan


The Fear

Looking up to the star-lit sky, she recalls that unforgettable night. The night when she longed to hear the three words..”I am here”. Though he said those words with hesitance; her innocent heart accepted that little lie.

He wanted to show her how manly he was. So he listed promises as much as he could say, lifting that poor foolish girl’s hopes to more than they could stand. 

She was full of life and she deserved to be loved and to love. But the only fault she was accused of was that she wanted to share the happiness of life with the one she thought will love her till the end.

The “I am here” were just words to shut her emotions. The rest of her days were empty having him beside her.

He left her weeping till her love tried to escape her throat. Her soul was trapped between the cages of her heart and her memories lost to fade away.

As a star falls in the sky, she lets out a teardrop from her eye; It may be a glimpse of that bitter memory, a rage towards her blind belief or the fear of promises..

~Mina Mookan