But still..

She lights up the candles with hope; wishing for another blessed year celebrating her 9th anniversary.

She smiles at her past. How she was; what she’s gone through and how all of a sudden she met him. The one she never dreamt of meeting.

He simply lend her his hand for her to hold forever. But she was reluctant.

She was not sure of herself because she didn’t trust her own being until he showed her to…herself!

He taught her how to become the best she can be. He enjoyed her company whenever she tries to spare time with him.

He enlightened her with his presence. And whenever it’s time to leave, he fills her with hope, joy and promise of staying with her…for eternity.

Through all these years, she may have exchanged and shared her deep feelings but still she looks up with doubt.

The doubt in herself if she can really keep that bond; if she is worthy of him since he, himself is perfect. The doubt that she may betray him like his close friend did.
When she feels that she’s going to give up, she finds that there’s nowhere to go. Everything seems blank without him, everything seems meaningless.

“Trust me”; he said.
She’s been 9 years with him. Still she doesn’t know how to love him.

But still what’s keeping her hopes high is him; his promise, his words, his love.

-Mina Mookan




Is it when your eyebrows move up excitingly or your eyes widen up to see the beloved clearly?

Is it when you tend to spend time with someone you wish to stay next to, forever?

Is it when you desire to caress the face gently to let the one know that you care?

Is it when you smell the scent in the air even after the owner has left for hours?

Is it when you can distinguish that unique voice among all the sounds your ear, drums to?

Is it when your heart pounds finding  the intense love?

Love is the eternal voice that calls you everytime you experience “your definition” of love.
It becomes louder and louder shouting to convince you of the pure love that is ready to pour into you..
It’s divine, honest, beautiful, exciting.
That is Love.

Love is thinking about that Person all the time and trying to connect with the purest form instead of fantasizing..
Love is the strong trust you have without any proof.
Love is connecting through the pure soul.

Love is a word. That Word itself took the form of Love.

Mina Mookan