The Mirror

My heart sinks whenever your eyes meet mine and a thousand ideas flow in my mind. However unable to make itself out as words, it pounds my heart against my chest so hard that blood glows up my cheeks, forcing my eyes to lower obediently. But yours still stare for another comeback.

Looking up at you again hesitantly, your eyes cheer up for my return and with a welcoming wink you take my breath away. And you tell my heart to keep calm? It can’t! Increasing rythmically, I can see your eyes dancing to my heartbeat! 

A wandering boat is my heart and a sea of secrets is your eyes..I can’t know where will you take me so I’d rather stay at my shore..

I can’t swim if I feel like I’m drowning and If I’m lost, I’m afraid I’ll lose my way back to myself..

But I do confess that your eyes are so beautiful that my fish-eyes will definetely fall for the bait you set!

Silently observing the confusion battle in my eyes, with a calm nod of your eyelids, you comforted me!

Excited, my eyes search yours carefully to catch a hint for a confirmation and I catch myself see…myself in your eyes!

~Mina Mookan


The Big Day

She walked down the aisle in a long white dress…

Holding her bouquet in her hands, she remembered how many times she played the petal game to know the answer to this day.

It’s like a dream..a dream come true…a dream was thought impossible, but as her lover reminds her everytime, that it’s possible by his side!

She walked past the welcoming people rising from the church benches. Feeling proud of the clapping hands…proud of her decision and is excited to meet the one waiting for her on the other side.

She smiled at the people who where holding their tears back. Their eyes spoke of their shock, confusion and joy.

The day they received the invitation for this event was sudden and unplanned. Instead of thinking of her own life, many questioned her parents’ and family’s reactions.

But she made it! Here she is, walking firmly, flipping her long hair for the last time…

As she nears the altar, a teardrop slides down her cheek.
She remembered herself being here in a white dress 17 years ago..She recieved Him that moment but never gave herself back.
Today she decided to fully commit to the vow..

and she said YES!

Mina Mookan