Part of me

If I can engrave every single word you message me, I’m sure I can build a stunning sculpture no one can break!

If I can turn your voice messages into musical notes, I can beat Beethhoven’s masterpiece!

If I’m able to record every single phone call of yours, I’ll create a playlist that I can listen to infinitely!

Talk to me…Tell me about what you like and what you hate..Tell me about the moments that got you in tears and the memories that you’ll always remember..

Talk to me about you..your thoughts..your goals and career.

I may not be part of them but your life became part of me..

Mina Mookan


The Mirror

My heart sinks whenever your eyes meet mine and a thousand ideas flow in my mind. However unable to make itself out as words, it pounds my heart against my chest so hard that blood glows up my cheeks, forcing my eyes to lower obediently. But yours still stare for another comeback.

Looking up at you again hesitantly, your eyes cheer up for my return and with a welcoming wink you take my breath away. And you tell my heart to keep calm? It can’t! Increasing rythmically, I can see your eyes dancing to my heartbeat! 

A wandering boat is my heart and a sea of secrets is your eyes..I can’t know where will you take me so I’d rather stay at my shore..

I can’t swim if I feel like I’m drowning and If I’m lost, I’m afraid I’ll lose my way back to myself..

But I do confess that your eyes are so beautiful that my fish-eyes will definetely fall for the bait you set!

Silently observing the confusion battle in my eyes, with a calm nod of your eyelids, you comforted me!

Excited, my eyes search yours carefully to catch a hint for a confirmation and I catch myself see…myself in your eyes!

~Mina Mookan

At First Sight

Evening was getting over, and I was wandering down the road. Trees began to chase me with their shadows. Fearfully, I increased my steps rushing the moments of being with my own company.

Slowly, a pale ray crosses my eyes and I reluctantly look up following the trace of the mysterious guest.

On spur of moment, the entire place was brightened and everything surrounding me was shining!

My eyes couldn’t resist to investigate the owner with curiosity. And there it is! Floating in the midst of nowhere. As far as it is, I can still see it clearly.

Round, smooth and full of light! Unlike the way they describe it having uneven surface and rough edges.

However for me it looked perfect.

So calm and quiet. Like a still painting; one could look at speechlessly for hours.

My heart melted as I kept on staring at the night visitor.

Even though I didn’t hear anything, I can sense the feel of vibrations reaching to conquer me completely.

Suddenly I felt it moving away hinting me that time has come for us to part.

Despite the night which came to an end, it couldn’t stop the endless radiance that defeated every corner of  darkness.

It moved slowly across the sky collapsing into the clouds. Reappearing again naughtily,  I then realized that it was love… at first sight! 

Mina Mookan



Is it when your eyebrows move up excitingly or your eyes widen up to see the beloved clearly?

Is it when you tend to spend time with someone you wish to stay next to, forever?

Is it when you desire to caress the face gently to let the one know that you care?

Is it when you smell the scent in the air even after the owner has left for hours?

Is it when you can distinguish that unique voice among all the sounds your ear, drums to?

Is it when your heart pounds finding  the intense love?

Love is the eternal voice that calls you everytime you experience “your definition” of love.
It becomes louder and louder shouting to convince you of the pure love that is ready to pour into you..
It’s divine, honest, beautiful, exciting.
That is Love.

Love is thinking about that Person all the time and trying to connect with the purest form instead of fantasizing..
Love is the strong trust you have without any proof.
Love is connecting through the pure soul.

Love is a word. That Word itself took the form of Love.

Mina Mookan

A Glimpse of Hope


What eyes are those?
How am I supposed to understand what they’re about to explain if I don’t closely admire them?

Let me stare into your eyes for a complete moment; capturing carefully the cuteness of that blink brushed by the thick curtain-like lashes, that sway gently with the movement of your eyelids.

The way you close and open your eyes everytime, secretly hints at the hope for a new beginning..a hope for a different vision..a hope for a better perspective!

Those dark eyes, almost black, are hiding a secret in the lowest depth of the ocean.
I wish I could plunge into that ocean and swim all the way to your captivating soul that holds a treasure within!

This can come true only when your eyes wish to catch mine..

Mina Mookan

The Naked Honesty

The body is the temple of your sacred feelings; it cannot be exposed everywhere and to everyone.

What it needs is an appreciating soul, a suitable setting and the perfect timing.

But how can you tell which soul will be appreciating? How can you assure that a setting could be most suitable? How can you know if you chose the right time? You cannot!

What can you do is be honest..honest in your simple talks, your expressive eyes and your unconstrained behavior.

Steal away the time and burst out to the person you wish to meet at the first “bus stop”!

Be honest in your smile and let it express what your soul is longing to utter..

Be honest in your eye contact and let the meeting declare the war of your emotions..

Be honest in your words and let them pour into the listener’s ears, the joy of your intimate conversation.

Reveal the nakedness of your feelings through the honesty of your being!

Mina Mookan


The Heart full of Garden

Hi Mr. Car Freak,

If your car may take you places where you dream to visit..then choose my heart as your destination!

There are no gates, no high fences, no barking dogs, no thorns..

What you will find is a small door. Just tap on it gently and it will open to welcome you inside.

After that long weary ride, you’ll sure need a rest. But before you let out a sighing breath, it will be captured by the view of the inside of my heart.

A beautiful garden filled with sweet fragrance and different kinds of flowers except for roses..

There in the middle of the garden, an empty space with fertile soil is waiting for the rose seed you’re carrying in your hands.

All it needs is to be watered and nourished and taken care of so that it grows an exquisite bed of roses..

P.S. There is one sign on the door of the heart that says:”this place is not for rent; you’re welcome only if you are ready to stay”.

Mina Mookan