The Naked Honesty

The body is the temple of your sacred feelings; it cannot be exposed everywhere and to everyone.

What it needs is an appreciating soul, a suitable setting and the perfect timing.

But how can you tell which soul will be appreciating? How can you assure that a setting could be most suitable? How can you know if you chose the right time? You cannot!

What can you do is be honest..honest in your simple talks, your expressive eyes and your unconstrained behavior.

Steal away the time and burst out to the person you wish to meet at the first “bus stop”!

Be honest in your smile and let it express what your soul is longing to utter..

Be honest in your eye contact and let the meeting declare the war of your emotions..

Be honest in your words and let them pour into the listener’s ears, the joy of your intimate conversation.

Reveal the nakedness of your feelings through the honesty of your being!

Mina Mookan



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