The Heart full of Garden

Hi Mr. Car Freak,

If your car may take you places where you dream to visit..then choose my heart as your destination!

There are no gates, no high fences, no barking dogs, no thorns..

What you will find is a small door. Just tap on it gently and it will open to welcome you inside.

After that long weary ride, you’ll sure need a rest. But before you let out a sighing breath, it will be captured by the view of the inside of my heart.

A beautiful garden filled with sweet fragrance and different kinds of flowers except for roses..

There in the middle of the garden, an empty space with fertile soil is waiting for the rose seed you’re carrying in your hands.

All it needs is to be watered and nourished and taken care of so that it grows an exquisite bed of roses..

P.S. There is one sign on the door of the heart that says:”this place is not for rent; you’re welcome only if you are ready to stay”.

Mina Mookan


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