I used to be..

I used to have my own rules and now you became the ruler of my heart setting your own laws..

I used to have standards built high enough not to let anyone climb them and now you sneeked up as a thief to reach to me..

I used to follow a scheduled ritual and now you, the mystic, pulled me into your religion..

I used to have my notes about life and now you, the Lecturer, conveyed to me your syllabus..

I used to be me and now you made me blend into you..

Mina Mookan


What feeling is this? Why can’t I define it? How should I name it?

Alone, enjoying my own companionship, reflecting on the still life and ticking time, I can feel your presence.

Even without my permission, you invade my mind and make my memories surrender to your realm.

Your memories make my feelings obey you. The echo of your voice giving me chills, forces my ears to listen to you only, muting all other sounds..

When I walk away, you tap me gently on my back to redirect my way and suddenly I find myself walking towards you.. getting closer to you..

I’m afraid to say that I miss you. This is not a confusion.. It’s a confession!

Mina Mookan

Within my reach

You’re a dream that can’t come true..

You’re a gate I can’t get through..

You’re a shadow that can’t follow me..

You’re a captivity from which I can’t break free..

You’re a fantasy in my real world..

You’re a silence that can’t be heard..

You’re a sun in the sky of my night..

You’re a vision out of my sight..

You’re a possibility that can’t be reached to..

You’re within my reach and still.. I fail to touch you..

Mina Mookan

The meaning of You

You’re full of hidden secrets! Why don’t you wish to reveal yourself to me? I trusted you from the very beginning, and you’re still hiding pieces underneath.

You’re a jumble of everything that I fail to explain.

Are you a bunch of emotions that brings tears of laughter and sorrow?

Are you a parcel of hope that carries disappointment?

Are you a messenger of love full of trust issues?

Are you the very existence which can become extinct?

A heartless observer you are, grinning at my confused self.

Let me live you with everything you offered me, till I find the meaning of you.

Mina Mookan

What if..

She’s too scared to believe his words uttered from his lips but not from his heart..

She’s afraid of his promises that may seem real but in fact are false..

She refuses to sense his emotions that may be powerful but yet deceiving..

She’s still hesitant to accept this stranger as a companion.

Her trust is shattered, her heart has no more room for destruction and her hope is in despair..

Her questions are full of “What ifs”. What if these questions, question her back with.. “what if not”?

Mina Mookan

If “again” can come back

In the midst of the dark night, with the whipping sound of thunder and flashing lightening, that meeting place is drenched in the heavy downpour.

A woeful maiden rushes towards the spot, as if it’s going to run away, to disappear!

She reaches the destination, heavily panting, and suddenly remembers there is no one for her to meet. He’s gone. He’s gone forever.

She covers her face, weeping until her eyes dry out. Realizing how helpless this girl is, the rain drizzle on her softly to wash her tear-stained cheeks.

She lifts her head slowly and her eyes search for a hint of him.. but his echoing laughter is now shut by the roaring thunder and his touch is erased by the rain.

She can only see her shadow reflecting on the ground and he’s nowhere to be found.

He didn’t leave. She’s the one who left.. burying his memories alive where she will never meet him.. again..

Mina Mookan

Only about you..

When I doubt you again and seek questions about your existence; you shake me up to reaffirm your presence in my mind.

Your caring makes me want to place my childhood in your lap forever where your lullaby drips the sweetness of love in my ears.

Your kind heart makes me jealous of the way it pumps love into mine more than I can handle.

Your words kill every past and make way even in the jungle of nowhere, paving the road of future for both of us to travel hand in hand.

I now realize I have lost the battle with my thoughts while I was busy thinking about you.. Only about you..

Mina Mookan

Life is missing

We were busy in a world full of rush, and now we’re bored to death in a world of wasted time, they say.

We were planning our accurate future ahead and now our presence became questionable, they say.

We had a productive life where meetings and working hours were endless, but now laziness filled our life endlessly, they say.

We spent good times at memorable places and now what we remember is only the good times, they say.

We miss life, they say, unaware of what we are living now is the life we missed…

Mina Mookan

Still Alive

When you feel that your soul is experiencing slow death and you’re gasping out to breathe in …remember that you’re still alive.

When your thoughts drift away slowly and your memories are haunted by the zombies of the past, but your mind tries to cover them up..remember that you’re still alive.

When your body can’t resist temptations and the demons conquering you are backed off…remember that you’re still alive.

When your heart feels weak to handle any shock and is still fighting to beat…remember that you’re still alive.

Remember that you’re still alive because He is alive in you!

~Mina Mookan

The Unknown

They look at how peaceful she is and envy her quietness but deep down a raging anger is calmed by the power of her silence..

They fall in love with her smile and think how positive she is but her tears are hidden within her soul tearing her happiness apart…

They hear her laughter all the time thinking how crazy she is but the loud laugh is to cover over her arguing mind voices..

They see how excited she is with an overwhelming energy but this she uses to scare her fear away..

They know of her lovable heart that has known to accept everyone and everything but her heart is full of stitches still at the edge of breaking apart…

What they don’t know is now known to her..

and the moment she knew the unknown..she knew herself!

Mina Mookan